Current Projects

Update on the last update: I'm now chugging along in Act II. I made a cardinal mistake
of working on two scripts at the same time - one Horror (my current project) and a
Comedy. I learned, the hard way, that was a biiiiig mistake. I set aside the Comedy and
I'm back into the groove. I will say, this story is very scary. Sorry, no more clues.

Yet Another Update: I'm still ankle deep in my current script, but I'm also peddling my zombie script. It's being read (I hope) by an Indie Producer/Director/Writer (he's looking
for a Horror script for his next project), so fingers crossed!

ACT ONE: I'm finally done with all the research and outline. Now I'm knee deep (okay, maybe ankle deep)
in Act I. This is a Horror/Thriller. It's shaping up to be my creepiest (scariest) script ever. The tough part is to
balance the gore with the suspense. I can't (actually won't) give away anything cuz I have high hopes for this
one. Just wanted to do a quick update to let everyone know my status.

FINAL UPDATE: I'm done! I finished Act 3 a week ago (sorry, I forgot to update).
Before rewrites, it's at a healthy 108 pages. I'm shooting for 105 to 107 pages.
The ending has some gruesome scenes, but it's done!!! I'm already hard at work on
my next project - a thriller/horror movie. I can't give away any details - yet! UPDATE PART 2: Act 2 is finished (until the rewrite) and I'm speeding towards FADE
! I can't give away too much, but the protag is so f*cked right now - not sure
if he's gonna live (okay, so I do know). I should be doing a final update in a day
or so (on this script). After I write THE END, I'll set this sucker aside for a
couple of weeks and begin prewriting my next project.
UPDATE: Well, I'm killing off characters right and left (or is it
left and right?) Thank God for the red shirts! The red shirts were
named after all those security people that went planetside with
Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, etc. and ended up dying a horrible death.
These same red shirts are a mainstay of Horror deaths - after all,
you can't kill off the main character until the very end (unless it's
a story that begins at the end - Like FALLEN - or your character
becomes one of those undead - INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE, AN AMERICAN
WEREWOLF IN LONDON, etc.). So Viva La Red Shirts (until they die)! I killed a man today. Not literally, but literaturely (Okay, so I
made that one up). It's all part of my...

Current Project

I'm knee deep in a Horror Script - Only because most Rom-Coms don't have a body
! Since I'm still working on it, I can't say too much. Here's what I can say - it's my
take on the Zombie movie. Shit! I read this far and it's a Fucking Zombie Movie?!?
What are you, twelve? Um, no. I promise this is not your run of the mill Zombie flick.
This one has tons o' gore, inventive death scenes, and, did I mention, buckets of blood.
This movie celebrates the true horror of a bunch of Undead roaming the Earth, while
searching for their next meal - kinda like tourists. This is most definitely not George
Romero's version nor that quirky British take on Zombies.

Completed Projects i.e. scripts I'm willing to send out!

The Littlest League - Four super-powered siblings struggle with school,
bullies, their Step-Father, and super-villains bent on their destruction.

Plagues - A Seminary student discovers God has unleashed the Plagues upon Earth,
but no one believes him. He must race to discover why and convince a skeptical public
before the coming of the Angel of Death.

Heroes - A sidekick strives to live up to his deceased mentor's legacy, while the
World's only super hero turns villain.

If you're a big-time Producer, Agent, Director, or A-list actor and interested in any of my
works, just Email me. Anyone else (i.e. not Spielberg or a B to F-list actor), please
Email me to get permission to Email me about requesting a script. If you understood
what I just said
, then you can Email me about that! If you don't understand any of this,
but would like to Email me just to Email someone, please don't.

Yes, Please Send Me A Script!